AMSBC Code of Ethics

Whereas it is the avowed intention of this Association to maintain a high standard of integrity and honesty amongst the members of our Association and thereby to improve their professional reputation and status for the ultimate benefit of the general public, the following is therefore promulgated as a general guide to members and does not, by omission, imply a disregard of such other duties and responsibilities as are not mentioned which are commonly regarded as good honest business practice.

  • In all aspects of his work, the Surveyor will exercise the utmost diligence in his enquiries and adhere to the highest standard of probity in the prosecution of his clients’ interests.
  • The Surveyor will only engage in such work as he is properly qualified by examination or experience to handle and if necessary, will engage such expert knowledge as is available in order to assist in bringing the clients’ requested surveys to a satisfactory  conclusion.
  • The Surveyor will at no time accept any commission, gratuity, or remuneration for work performed other  than that authorized by his   client.
  • The Surveyor will not become financially involved with parties making bids or tenders for work or salvage recovery on which the Surveyor is employed.
  • The Surveyor will not permit his decision as related to the clients’ business to be influenced by personal or other  related interests.
  • The Surveyor should disclose to clients any matter, which might be deemed to constitute a  clash of interest or to influence his decision and will in no instance accept remuneration from more than one party for the same service or services pertaining to the same work, without the consent of all  interested parties.
  • The Surveyor will not permit his name to be used by those of known dubious character or ability.
  • The Surveyor will not, by false or improper advertisement, mislead the general public or his prospective client as to his qualifications, experience or ability.
  • The Surveyor will not permit publication of his reports in a manner calculated to mislead.
  • The Surveyor will not endeavor to secure work by the unethical expedient of knowingly undercutting the established rates of another Surveyor or by offering discounts or other inducements.
  • The Surveyor will not falsely or maliciously injure the reputation prospects or business of another Surveyor by irresponsible statements, or  publications.
  • The Surveyor will not make public criticism of another Surveyor or of the profession as a whole and in  the event that he considers the actions of another surveyor to be unethical will draw   such conduct  to  the attention  of the Committee.
  • Any Surveyor having special knowledge or skill should make this known to other members of The Association so that members are aware of the availability of such knowledge or experience should circumstances require them.