About Us

The Association of Marine Surveyors of B.C. was formed in 1969 under the Society Act of British Columbia, Canada, for the purpose of bringing General Marine surveyors together with the object of enhancing and de­veloping the practice of General Marine Surveying while providing a representative body in approaching the Maritime Industry. (Click here to read our Constitution)

The Association members elect annually  a  board of 4 or 5 directors, who in tum elect a President, Vice-Presi­dent, Secretary and Treasurer and then delegate the Board Offices with capacity to represent the Association.

For membership acceptance into this Association a Marine Surveyor must have certain Maritime qualification or experience  and  be  acceptable  to the  Membership in general. Members also operate to a  prepared Code of Ethics commensurate with the high standard of integrity demanded by  the profession.  Thus providing  an initial level of standard for the membership which continues to be developed through Hulls, machinery, Cargo, terminal (Port Opera­tions) to surveys of special or particular nature embraced in the term “Marine or Related Transport.”

While in general the areas of operation extend along the Western Cana­dian seaboard and High Arctic, surveys applicable to lake, river, road and rail transportation are accomplished in the Western and Arctic Provinces of Canada. Some specialised work is performed in the surrounding North America and in various parts of the World.

One of the Association’s prime objectives has been to provide Marine associated enterprises and the general public with a service by qualified and experienced personnel. In appreciating that the General Marine Surveying field is both diverse and complex the Association has already begun the task of resolving some of the com­plexities preparatory to the future by developing defini­tions of the General Marine Surveyor, Marine Surveying and the field of practice, an endeavour which we believe has not been accomplished before.