Kave Ghadar

Kave is a Senior Naval Architect and Marine Surveyor with over 18 years of extensive experience in marine survey, design, shipbuilding, repair, ship management, and marine operations.

Throughout his career, Kave has demonstrated his skills in overseeing the construction of various ship new building projects. Notably, he has directly supervised the construction of Joint Support Ships, 3 x Container Ships,4 x Crude Oil Tankers, a 7K DWT Launch Barge, a DP2 Cable Laying Barge, a Multi-Purpose Landing Craft, a Semi-Submersible Cruising Boat, and a Mooring Vessel.

Furthermore, Kave holds the title of Professional Engineer in British Columbia. He has played a role as part of the design team for the Canada National Shipbuilding Strategy projects, specifically contributing to the development of the Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel and Joint Support Ships, as well as multi-purpose Vessels currently being constructed in Vancouver Shipyard.

He also has served as a DNV GL (Germanischer Lloyd) surveyor, where he has contributed to various new building projects, as well as conducted surveys for fleets in service, materials, and components. His role as a surveyor has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of industry standards and compliance.

Kave is the founder of White Coral Offshore Services. Within the company, he serves as the Technical Manager, Senior Naval Architect, and Marine Surveyor. Based in North Vancouver, White Coral Offshore Services offers a comprehensive range of services that includes marine survey, design, shipbuilding, repair, and consultancy.