Student Member

A Student Member shall be any person who does not meet the basic requirements for Ordinary Membership at the time of applying, but who wishes to pursue Ordinary Membership in the future.

In order to qualify for Ordinary Membership, a Student Member will be required to:

(i) Conduct at least 12 surveys a year for a minimum of two years after being accepted as a student member.

(ii) Submit examples of at least one report every 3 months to the Membership Committee for their review.

(iii) Submit to a verbal and/or written examination after at least 2 years of conducting surveys and submitting reports outlined above.

A student member who has completed the requirements of (i) and (ii) above must submit to examination after three years. If not, the applicant’s application will be removed.

A member of this class has the same rights and responsibilities as an Ordinary Member with the exception of voting rights.

There shall be no initiation fee for this class of member and the annual dues shall be 50% of the current annual rate for Ordinary Membership.